Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman started his regular education from Depalpur District Okara, Pakistan. He had God gifted qualities and intellect. Inspite of the family financial crisis, he completed the Quranic and other religious education very soon. He completed his matriculation from Government High School Depalpur, District Okara.

Longing to Attain Religious Knowledge​

Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman always had great love for Allah and His Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Since childhood he found peace and spiritual tranquility in getting the religious knowledge. Not only the Holy Quran but also the other books about Islam and Islamic history had his utmost attention. He had an intellectually curious nature that was always eager to know more about the religion and spirituality. Hence, he got a lot of Islamic knowledge without any teacher, merely by reading books.

Writing Skills

He was the best and most talented student of his school. His writing skills also started manifesting from childhood.

He began to write essays in the children’s sections of newspapers during his fifth standard. His essays published in the children’s editions of renowned newspapers. Such as, Roznama (Daily) Wafaq Lahore, Roznama Masawat Lahore, Roznama Mashriq Lahore and Roznama Imroze Lahore.

Qualities of a great man

The extraordinary personality of Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman made him prominent in education as well as extracurricular activities. He had great administrative and leadership qualities.

Therefore, he remained the monitor of class till tenth standard.
Even at his government job, the management always trusted him in leading department and other employees.
In fact, Allah grants the men He choose for Himself with respect, honor and wisdom. Success become their destiny in every moment and walk of life. These people have manifestation of the Divine Essence in them. Eminence and high status are always their destiny.
Along with Allah’s favor, their own hard work, sincere intention and courage are also involved in achieving such status. These great personalities are the perfect embodiment of all the marvelous qualities altogether. According to their era, they possess every favorite and desirable attribute which distinguishes them from their contemporaries.

Participation in extracurricular activities

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman was among the first rank students in every class. He also succeeded in writing, debating and speech competitions with flying colours. He has been playing badminton, cricket, hockey. Actually, he was the best player of hockey.

Part Time Jobs While Studying

Due to family’s financial problems since his childhood he could not continue his education regularly. He had to freeze his education off and on to help his father in earning. Even in such crucial conditions, he did his intermediate in 1980.  He did his graduation in 1983 in first division as a private student alongside doing part time jobs.

Practical Life

In 1983, Okara officially became a district and many district offices established there. So, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen worked in a district office there for some time. Soon he knew that it was not possible to progress much in that city. Therefore, he often started visiting Lahore for interviews and exams for different designations. At last he got a government job in 1985 in Lahore. Hence, he migrated to Lahore on April 12, 1985. This migration proved to be a blessing. This is when Allah opened all avenues of financial comfort and worldly delight on him.

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