Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen's Quotes on Hypocrite

This is the Era of Hypocrisy

Characteristics of Hypocrite​

Drawbacks of Hypocrisy

How to Recognize a Hypocrite?

How to achieve taqwa

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen's alchemic sight holds no boundaries

Being a Sarwari Qadri Saint, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s alchemic sight holds no boundaries. Therefore, with his spiritual attention he is benefiting the seekers of Allah worldwide. Moreover, his spiritual teachings, whether encapsulated within his books or disseminated through websites, serve as invaluable sources of guidance amidst the temptations of this world. On this page, we presented selected quotes of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen regarding Tawhid. However, for a deeper understanding of his teachings, please follow the links below to access his books.

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