Being a Sarwari Qadri Saint, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s alchemic sight holds no boundaries.
 Therefore, with his spiritual attention he is benefitting the seekers of Allah all over the world. Additionally, his spiritual teachings in his books or websites are a handy source of guidance in this world of temptations. Given below is a short collection of selected quotes extracted from his books or noted during his gatherings. However, for gaining in depth knowledge of his teachings, click the following links to his books:

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Importance of Sacrifice in way of Allah

  • The absolute Sunna is to forego each and everything in the way of Allah.
  • Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) inculcated his companions in such a way that love for everything vanished from their inward besides the love for Allah Almighty and His Prophet. Whatever impeded in the way of Allah’s love, the companions of Prophet Mohammad gave it up with absolute indifference.
  • Divine propinquity is not achieved until and unless a person sacrifices everything he owns in Allah’s way and his devotion to his perfect spiritual guide stays relentless even in times of trouble and hardships.


  • Loyalty and sacrifice in the path of Divine love demands that the faithfulness of the seeker remains unwavering in every condition. He does not turn his back at the time of sacrifice and expects no reward in return.
  • The credit of victory in Divine love is to loyalty and sacrifice.
  • Claim of Divine love without loyalty and sacrifice is duplicitous.
  • Testing a seeker’s loyalty and sacrifice is in fact testing his love and sincerity for Allah Almighty.

Faqr is the Path of Loyalty

Path of Faqr is in fact the path of ardent Divine love. A seeker can never succeed in this path until and unless he sacrifices everything he owns in Allah’s way.

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