How Islam can be Restored?

  • Only a perfect reformer who could revolutionize the true spirit of the religion can revive the Mohammadan system in this era. A perfect reformer is the one who is blessed with knowledge directly from Allah and he restores the religion according to that knowledge. Allah Himself makes that person’s words striking to others. Islam can dominate all over the world only if such a reformer enlivens the true spirit of religion according to the modern era and introduces such system that attracts all people of the world.
Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman
  • The rulers cannot implement Islam. Islam cannot be implemented until the people of the nation are ready for it. The process of reformation always begins from the base. The foundation is built first and then the top part is fixed. This was the way of Prophet Mohammad as well.
    Islam will dominate only when the nation is reformed according to the pattern of Prophet Mohammad. When the nation gets on the right track then it will emerge as a strong power and will kick out the corrupt rulers.
  • It is the greatest Sunna of Prophet Mohammad to ponder upon the betterment of the nation. However, before performing this Sunna, it is important to first get our innerselves ameliorated and purified from the perfect spiritual guide. Otherwise, we won’t be able to perform this Sunna in its best possible way.
    When Allah intends to change the system then all the hidden evildoings are exposed.

Hurdles in the Restoration of Islam

  • “If Muslims truly trust in Oneness of Allah which is the absolute inner faith, then Allah Almighty will give them strength to destroy the biggest hostile powers.”
  • “The biggest dilemma of Muslim nation is that it has handed over the religion to the ignorant Muslim clergies who promote sectarianism and the world to the atheist rulers.”
  • “The small power upsurge only when huge powers clash with each other.”
  • “When a nation becomes insentient, its people do not consider Allah’s wrath and torment as punishment for their sins. Even if they verbally admit it, they do not acknowledge it from inward. Had it happened, they would have reformed themselves.”
  • “Idolizing or worshipping a person is worse than idolatry and is the biggest reason behind the downfall of a nation. The idol made of stone or wood does not ask for anything, but the worshipped person takes away everything.”
  • “Rulers are the mirror reflection of the nation.”

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