• Human being is a combination of two bodies; one is the physical body which is created from the human semen and belongs to the realm of creation. Second, is the intangible spiritual body which is called soul and belongs to the realm of non-creation. Inclination and attention of both the bodies remain towards their respective origins.
  • A huge universe lies inside man. The qualities of all creations of Allah have been collected in him. He can be disloyal like parrot, clever like fox, brave like lion, change his colour (i.e. behaviour) like chameleon. If he is pious, his inner purity makes him better than angels and if he indulges in evil, he becomes worse than Satan. The crux of the matter is that all characteristics of Allah’s creation are collected in a human being. Now it depends on him that out of these characteristics what he adopts and what he obliterates. He can be considered superior to all creations only when his pious characteristics dominate his evil ones.
  • The toughest task in this world is to make a human worthy of being called a human.
  • Man is the most complicated creation of Allah and it is impossible to understand its outward as well as inward self. Although, the Universal Divine Man i.e. the perfect spiritual guide knows its absolute reality.
Allah created all the souls in the realm of Divinity (alam al-LaHoot) from the soul of Prophet Mohammad. At this station, the soul is called 'the Divine soul' (ar-ruh al-qudsi). This is the state of the soul about which Allah says, “Man is My secret and I am his.” At this station, all souls are engrossed in the Divine vision.
The present imam of Sarwari Qadri Order


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