Love For Wealth

  • Wealth brings disease, trouble and distress along with it.
  • If there was any betterment in wealth, then Allah would have blessed it in abundance to his Prophets.
  • Love of wealth eradicates love of Allah from
  • Excess of wealth gives rise to the sensual desires of power, status, undeserved honour, high ranks and fame etc.
  • The desire of wealth, power and status is the root cause of all the evil.


  • Man should not be arrogant upon any of his abilities. Had Allah Almighty not bestowed him, he would have nothing.
  • Allah can forgive the sin committed under the influence of lust but will not forgive the one perpetrated due to arrogance.
  • Arrogance, self-conceit and considering oneself better or superior to others are very undesirable traits and are, in fact, enmity with Allah.
  • Becoming arrogant on benevolence distances oneself from Allah.
  • Arrogance is such a dangerous spiritual disease that if it is present in the inward of a person even in the least quantity equivalent to a mustard seed then no devotion is accepted at all in the court of Allah.
  • Arrogance is a hidden illness in the innerself which is present in all people of high lineage no matter how much wise and virtuous they are.
Peer-e-Kamil Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman


  • Jealousy is totally against Allah’s will.
  • Sometimes, jealousy can completely cease the journey of Faqr.
  • No suffering is worse than the suffering of jealousy.


  • Narcissism is an evil trait. It rises from the inward of a person and the Satan is most active in generating it.
  • Narcissism includes arrogance. It takes away Allah’s help and favour in the path of Faqr.
  • Narcissism preludes the disgraceful end of a person.
  • Narcissism is a deception in which a person indulges himself on his own. It results in nothing but loss in this world and hereafter.


  • The perfect Mystics consider pretense a great sin and veil between Allah and His slave. It is very close to polytheism.
  • Only the deeds performed with absolute sincerity for Allah are accepted in His court.
  • No deed or prayer of the hypocrite is accepted in the court of Allah rather it becomes a bane for him.
  • Pretender is a hypocrite.
    If a traveller of the path of Faqr indulges in hypocrisy, then he is not only disgraced in the religion but also in the world and hereafter.

Anger, Malice and Grudge

  • A special attribute of the travellers of path of Faqr is that they avoid anger.
  • Malice and grudge are the opposite of kindness, love, forgiveness and mercy. If malice and grudge vanish from the inward then these will be replaced by the emotions of kindness, love, forgiveness and mercy. This inward state is acquired by the company of perfect spiritual guide and invocation and contemplation of Faqr.


  • Path of Faqr is the path of generosity not stinginess.
  • The person who loves Allah becomes generous.
  • Stinginess is not good rather it is an evil.
  • Stinginess is such an esoteric disease which increases distance between human beings and humanity.
  • Prosperous is one who is content on the sustenance fixed by Allah.


  • Backbiting is very hazardous esoteric disease because it gives birth to mistrust among dear ones.
  • Tale-bearing, profane talk, arrogant obstinacy and unfair biasness lead to damnation.
  • The most dreadful truth is the one which is blended with lie or calumniation. This is one of the tactics of the talebearer.
  • The backbiter swears upon Allah to gain people’s trust.


  • First promise of a seeker of Allah on the path of Faqr is to safeguard himself from lying at any cost no matter how much troubles or harms he will have to face. Although, it is very difficult to follow the path of truth, but it eventually brings success.
  • Lie has never been successful or exalted in the world. Ultimately truth is triumphed.
  • Lie takes away beatitude from one’s sustenance.
  • Lying results in distress and worry.
  • A liar can never be a friend of Allah because Allah is the Truth and He likes the truthful.
  • Lying deprives one from the compassion of Allah and the liar is cursed by Allah.
  • Hiding the truth is also considered a lie.
  • Lying darkens one’s inward.
  • Lie creates oblivion and is the mother of all evils.
    On the path of Faqr only the true and sincere seeker is successful.


  • In the way of Faqr, negligence is considered a big evil as it deprives the seeker from the recognition of Allah.
  • Negligence is the veil in the way of pleasure of closeness to Allah.
  • Negligence does not let one’s inward enlightened with the Divine light.
  • Negligence is the primary weapon of Satan.
  • Negligence is the enemy of seeker in attaining his aim of life, which is recognition of Allah.
  • It hinders the passion of love for Allah.
  • The aim of life is recognition and vision of Allah and having His closeness, whoever remains neglectful will fail completely in achieving this aim.
  • Haste is the armament of Satan not the faithful.
  • Those who remain rapt in the material world and neglect the main purpose of life are like animals and will depart the world in the same state.


  • It is essential for a Fakir not to plan his livelihood for more than one day or at the most one month because with long term planning and hopes, contentment vanishes away and that would be considered as greed.
  • Greed and covetousness are a major weapon of Satan which he uses to deprave people from the way of Faqr.

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