The Perfect Fakir

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is the 31st Sarwari Qadri spiritual guide (Shaikh/Murshid) and the Universal Divine Man of the era.  Indeed, the perfect spiritual guide is the source of Divine guidance for his era as well as the future generations. The teachings and quotes of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen are like a glowing light for seekers in the path of Allah. Certainly, his guidance alleviates the darkness of world and shows the path of righteosuness to the mankind. His teachings highlight the soul of the Mohammadan religion Islam i.e. Faqr. Moreover, these teachings act as a guide for a seeker of Allah in every walk of life. Be it inward spiritual matter or outward worldly matter. Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman is commencing the revival of this pure religion Islam. Furthermore, he is making the world aware of the teachings of the Saints of the Sarwari Qadri order.

Being a Sarwari Qadri Saint, Sultan ul Ashiqeen’s alchemic sight holds no boundaries. Therefore, with his spiritual attention he is benefitting the seekers of Allah all over the world. Additionally, his spiritual teachings in his books or websites are a handy source of guidance in this world of temptations. Given below is a short collection of selected quotes extracted from his books or noted during his gatherings. However for gaining in depth knowledge of his teachings, click the following links to his books:

Who is a Fakir?

  1. In the terminology of Faqr, the master of Faqr is called the Fakir (Faqeer).
  2. Among the Fakirs, ‘The Master of the Universe Fakir’ is the most superior status. Among the men of spiritual persuasion and guidance, the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide, who is the absolute light of guidance, is the ultimate level. This highest and extreme level is the station of the Universal Divine Man. This ultimate level contains all levels in it and there is no other level higher than this.
  3. The life of the perfect Fakir is a proof that Allah is bestowing guidance upon His creation. Since the Fakir (Faqeer) is complete representation of the Divine attributes, he enlightens the society wherever he resides. Likewise, the khanqah of Fakir enlivens the dead souls, it is the place where inciting innerself is killed and the inward of the seeker is purified.

The Perfect Fakir Illuminates the Dark Inward

  • The perfect Fakir with his spiritual glance illuminates the rusty inward of the seeker with the Divine light. He purifies the innerself and takes the seeker to the Divine nearness. The company and proximity of the perfect Fakir (Faqeer) is the sustenance for the soul of the seeker and traveller of the spiritual path.

Perfect Faqeer is Indifferent of Materialistic World

  1. The Fakir is indifferent towards the respect conferred or disgrace brought by this material world unto him. He does not care if someone believes him or not.
  2. In the view of Fakir, none is important but Allah.
  3. The unveiled essence of Quran can be observed in the perfect Fakir (Faqeer).
  4. The Perfect Fakirs and Mystics reveal the reality of the worldly knowledge without any fear. They redirect the soul and inner sight of a person towards the knowledge of Reality. Consequently, he becomes aware of the Truth, annihilates in Him and is held eligible for the Divine recognition.
  5. Fakir looks at the Sustainer not sustenance.

Reality of a Fakir

  1. Fakir is the one who observes eighteen thousand worlds with closed eyes.
  2. Whatever the Fakir possesses and comprehends, is exclusively from Allah.
  3. Each Fakir’s era is distinct from the era of other Fakir. It is the grandeur and magnificence of Allah that He does not repeat His charisma and the form of His manifestation.
  4. Fakir builds up his own Empire of Faqr.

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